Meet Mojo: The Best Digital Life Counter

Designed by Avid Magic Players

Counter for Energy, Infect, etc.

An extra counter is always helpful. Whether it’s Commander Damage, Energy or Infect, Mojo won’t leave you hunting for dice.

Save Your Phone Battery

…and save your opponent from the notification that your nose trimmer has shipped. Mojo can be used for two months straight. Really.

Small Footprint on Your Playmat

Mojo is only 7cm by 10cm. It’ll fit in any deck box that can hold a penny sleeve.

Flip to Share

The Flip button turns your opponents total towards them

No More Knocked Over Dice

Whether it’s someone next to you moving the table when they get up at FNM or someone excitedly presenting their deck for cutting, dice are easily knocked over. Even if you find a way to knock Mojo over, your life total is safe.

More than Magic

Mojo is compatible with Ticket to Ride, high scoring eurogames, Scrabble, classic card games like Cribbage and Hearts and more. Just set Mojo to zero and a wide variety of tabletop games become simplified. No wasting time at the end of a game to figure out who won.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Mojo be used for Commader?

Yes! Mojo can be set to 0, 20, 30 or 40 upon reset. Mojo’s secondary counter can be used for commander damage or, in a four player game, life totals for all four players!

2. Can Mojo be used for other games?

Yes! Mojo is compatible with Ticket to Ride, Scrabble and high scoring Eurogames, to name a few.

3. How is Mojo better than pen and paper?

The accuracy and pen and paper will always be the best choice for a GP. Mojo is perfect for local tournaments, FNM and your play experience in 99% of the games you play. Mojo lets you focus on the action in your game and less on your components. Because of it’s small size, you only need to carry one deck box with your deck and your Mojo.

4. When will Mojo be available?

Mojo is coming to Kickstarter on June 15th, 2017!

5. How long does the battery last?

Mojo will run for over two months straight. Really.

6. What’s the warranty period?

We offer a 30 day unconditional warranty. We want you to love this item as much as we do. If anything isn’t working, let us know and we’ll make it right.

7. Where can I buy Mojo locally?

We’re reaching out to game stores now, and we have a retail program available. Tell your local game store you want Mojo on the shelf and give them our website info. Alternatively, email us your local store’s name, and we will give them a call to see if they want to start carrying Mojo.

8. I won a Mojo in your 15 Days of Magic giveaway, when will it get here?

We’re shipping all winners along with backers. Nov. 15th should see everything in the mail.

9. Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship via USPS to any location that USPS services. Add one to your cart, and you should get a quote for the shipping charges.

10. Where is Mojo being produced?

The best components and know-how is in China. Our factories and connections on the ground in China are already working on finishing molds and getting production going.

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